We understand that educating your child at a UK boarding school is a substantial investment for parents, and we do our best to keep guardianship fees and additional expenses to a minimum. Host family stays and transport are invoiced to parents at cost without additional charges, and we always arrange shared transport whenever possible.

Services included under Standard and Basic Guardianship are listed on our Guardianship Service page. Do feel free to contact us if you require a service which is not listed on the Guardianship Service page.

Basic Guardianship satisfies the statutory requirement for a UK guardian who is the 24 hour point of contact for school, pupil and parents in an emergency. It does not include a host family therefore is only suitable for students who are able to return home every half term holiday.


Guardianship Fees 2018/2019

All prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable 

Registration Fee: GBP 150 per family
The registration fee will be waived for students who are already at school in the UK and wish to transfer to Trusted Guardianship.


      Basic  Standard 
Guardianship fees per term: GBP       450
Guardianship fees per annum: GBP        650      1,250


Student Expenses Account

We maintain an Expenses Account to cover expenses incurred by the student whilst in the UK.

Host family accommodation currently costs:
GBP 40 per night for children aged 14 and above
GBP 45 per night for children aged 13 and under

Mileage is paid to host families at a rate of GBP 0.45 per mile.
Transport by licensed drivers is invoiced to parents at cost, and we always arrange shared transport whenever possible.


       Basic  Standard 
Expenses Account Deposit required: GBP        300


When the balance of your child’s Expenses Account falls below GBP 200, we will request that you restore the balance to GBP 1000.
The amount remaining in this account at the end of the guardianship contract will be refunded to parents.


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