Я хотіла би висловити вдячність за найкращу та досконалу підтримку Закії, яка вона надала нашому сину протягом 2020-2021 років (11-й шкільний рік).
Через пандемічний період це був не найлегший час. Але завдяки увазі та підтримці Закії все було під досконалим та чудовим контролем.
Крім того, мені дуже приємно, що вона встановила добрі, уважні та дружні стосунки з нашим сином.
Сподіваюсь на подальшу співпрацю з нашим чудовим опікуном – пані Закія.
Олена (мати Діми)

I would like to express my great appreciation for the best and perfect support of Zakiyah which received our son during 2020-2021 years (School Year 11).
Due to pandemic period it was not the easiest time. But thanks to attention and support of Zakiyah everything was under perfect and safe control.
Also, I am very pleased that she established good, attentive and friendly relations with our son.
Hope for further cooperation with the best Guardian – Mrs. Zakiyah.
Elena (mother of Dima)
Kiev, Ukraine


I have used another guardian before coming across Zakiyah of Trusted Guardianship and I kept asking myself why have I not use Trusted Guardianship all this while? The covid-19 pandemic impact was a true test for any guardian, and she met and exceeded expectations during the pandemic. She arranged everything seamlessly and was always providing updates which really helped. The level of professionalism and efficiency is awesome. I must not forget swiftness in getting host families. Zakiyah is very proactive, warm, kind and patient. For me it’s Trusted Guardianship for life. 

Yomi Akinfesoye 
Lagos, Nigeria 


第一次用監護人公司,感到無從入手。經過多番理解後,我選了 Trusted Guardianship,因為我覺得能直接對話和及時找到監護人是最重要的。

我的兒子獨自坐飛機在清晨到達倫敦,幸好 Zakiyah 親自去接他,還幫他購買校服及日常用品,讓我的兒子放鬆了不少。她一直有和我交待我兒子的入學情況,更為我提供兩張學校相片,讓我放下心頭大石。

當我的兒子在學習上發生問題時,她馬上通知我,在我不知道應如何處理時加以安慰。她主動通知我們發生了問題,並與學校導師跟進處理,是位很稱職的監護人,多謝 Zakiyah 把我的兒子像親生兒子般看待。

This is our first time using guardian services and I didn’t know where to start. After some discussions and researches I chose Trusted Guardianship, as I think the most important thing is to be able to talk to the guardian directly and get in touch quickly.

My son flew alone and arrived in London early in the morning, and Zakiyah was so kind to pick him up at the airport. She also helped my son to buy the uniforms and other necessities, which made him relaxed a lot. She always let me know how my son is doing at school, and she sent me two pictures of the school, which put me at my ease

When my son had some issues at school, she informed me straight away, and comforted me when I didn’t know how to handle the situation. She took the initiative to let us know there were problems, and communicated and followed up with the teachers. She is a very responsible guardian, thank you Zakiyah for treating my son as your own.

Mr and Mrs Yung
Hong Kong


Guardianship is mandatory for your son and daughter who study in England. It is a difficult and tedious task especially when you are miles away and have no idea who is who and which one is good. It is very lucky to have Trusted Guardianship to be my daughter’s guardianship in the last 2 years.  Zakiyah was very helpful and patient to listen to our host family requirements in particular, and she did try her very best to look for the one that suits our needs. She provided detailed explanations on each family’s background and proximity of each location. This is very useful as we do not have a clue on the host families, the journey time and convenience of the location etc. Zakiyah is very keen on answering all our queries and always showing a professional manner.

A responsible and warm-hearted guardian is important as they are your representative during the school time. Zakiyah is always taking the initiative to follow up on matters such as parents’ meetings and her prompt report demonstrates her efficiency without delay. Moreover, her transportation for my daughter to the hospital and close follow up on my daughter’s injury on her ankle recently also shows her care and responsible manners again. 

We are delighted to have Zakiyah to be our guardian and we would not hesitate to recommend Trusted Guardianship to anyone who is looking for a trusted guardian!

Ricky Poon
Hong Kong


After my son Harry made up his mind to further his study in the United Kingdom in December 2016, one of the difficult tasks we had to tackle was to look for a reliable and trustworthy guardian company and host family for him. Just as what we experienced in finding the boarding schools, we spent quite a lot of time on searching information online, getting in touch with those companies during School Expo in Hong Kong, asking for advice from friends, making comparisons between different aspects of different companies etc. as we know clearly how important it is for a good guardian company to provide support necessary to us. At the end we were blessed to make the right decision to choose Trusted Guardianship. It is not only because the fee charged by the company is reasonable when compared with others, but more importantly, it is Zakiyah who can give us confidence from the beginning when I got contact with her. She is always so helpful, thoughtful and patient to deal with my enquiry and offer her assistance to us when we are in need. In addition, she tried her best to meet our requests made concerning the selection of the host family and finally found one that my son liked very much. The part that impressed me most was that Zakiyah took an initiative to facilitate communication between Harry and other students from Hong Kong before the start of school term and this arrangement did help Harry a great deal in adapting to the school life in the United Kingdom. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to Trusted Guardianship and Zakiyah for helping my son to settle well in UK!

Amy Ling
Hong Kong


我刚来英国一年左右,因为和上一个监护人发生了争执导致我halfterm没有地方住,问了很多家监护公司最后选择了Trusted Guardianship。MrsZakiyah的办事效率让我震惊,她几乎在两天之内为我解决了hostfamily的问题并且质量很高。后来,我毅然决然的和上个监护人解约而转到了Trusted Guardianship。它没有让我失望,可以很及时的为我解决问题还有很及时的沟通。我非常开心我选择了这家公司。MrsZakiyah是一个十分和善的人,非常的耐心。这是一家十分值得信任的公司。


I have just been in the UK for about a year. I have no place to live in half term due to my dispute with the last guardian. I asked many guardianship companies and finally chose Trusted Guardianship. The efficiency of Mrs. Zakiyah shocked me. She solved the problem of host family for me in almost two days and the quality was very high. Later, I resolutely terminated the contract with the last guardian and transferred to Trusted Guardianship. It did not let me down. It could solve problems for me in a timely manner and communicate with me in a timely manner. I’m very happy that I chose this company. Mrs Zakiyah was a very kind person and very patient. This is a very trustworthy guardian company.

Siyi Jin
Beijing, China


我覺得好幸運能遇到Zakiyah成為我兒子在英國的監護人,Zakiyah 有愛心而且很盡責,每次學校假期Trusted Guardianship也能為我兒子找到合適的住宿,令我很放心。還有,我兒子在學校的情況,Zakiyah 女士也會第一時間通知我。所以,Trusted Guardianship是值得家長們信賴。


I am so lucky to have Zakiyah as my son’s guardian in the UK. Zakiyah is caring and responsible. During every school holiday, Trusted Guardianship finds suitable accommodation for my son, and that really puts me at ease. Also Zakiyah always informs me timely on how my son is doing at school. Trusted Guardianship is trust-worthy for all the parents.

Janice Law
Hong Kong


Добрий день, мене звати Устим і я вчусь в Bishops Stortford College ,Zakiyah була і являється моїм гардіаном вже другий рік, за цей час я стикався з речима які були б важчі якби не Zakiyah такі проблеми як UCAS application чи parents evening коли ваші батьки не взмозі помогти, гардіан помагає вам розібратись крок за кроком в ситуації і якщо ви приїхали в нову країну з гардіаном буде легше адаптуватись. Zakiyah прекрасний компаньйон через шкільне життя любі проблеми вона вирішує швидко і делікатно. Одна з найкращих рис її характеру що і робить її прекрасним гардіаном це вона завжди доступна чи це глупа ніч чи канікули якщо є питанні Zakiyah завжди дасть на них відповідь.

Устим Костів

Hello, my name is Ustym and I am studying at Bishops Stortford College, Zakiyah has been and is my guardian for the second year, during this time I have encountered things that would be more difficult if not for Zakiyah problems such as UCAS application or parents evening when your parents do not If you can help, the Guardian helps you to understand the situation step by step and if you come to a new country with the Guardian it will be easier to adapt. Zakiyah is a wonderful companion through school life any problems she solves quickly and delicately. One of the best traits of her character that makes her a wonderful guardian is she is always available whether it is a silly night or a vacation if there is a question Zakiyah will always answer them.

Ustym Kostiv
Lviv, Ukraine


It was a very good experience to be a student of Trusted Guardianship. Zakiyah is a very responsible guardian, she will come to the parents’ days of the overseas students and follow students’ study progress. The host families are also very good. They are very nice and looked after me very well.

Chester Wong
Hong Kong


我是生活在伦敦的留学生Angela,今年刚满18岁。去年八月还在国内的我因为签证的需求找到了这家trusted guardianship。负责人Zakiyah全程非常细心认真的帮助了我。等我到了英国之后也有专人陪同我去领身份证,非常的守时并且负责。这是一家非常值得信任的监护公司。

I am an international student living in London, Angela, who just turned 18 this year. I was still in the country last August and found Trusted Guardianship because of the visa requirements. The person in charge, Zakiyah, helped me very carefully and seriously. When I arrived in the UK, I also had a special person to accompany me to get my ID card who was very punctual and responsible. This is a very trustworthy guardian company.

Angela Gao
Chengdu, China


Trusted Guardianship offers a reliable and efficient service. Both my son and I have found Zakiyah to be extremely efficient (which helps as I have overlooked an important date before but Zakiyah reminded me!). I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable UK guardian.

Gwen Mwaba
Cairo, Egypt


It was my second year in UK when Zakiyah became my guardian. She has always been supportive and helpful during the years I studied in college. She has attended multiple college events with me and has proved to be a very responsible and caring guardian. Recently I have lost my UK SIM card, Zakiyah did not hesitate to help me get a replacement SIM even though I already graduated from college. I will definitely recommend her as your future guardian as I really have enjoyed her company during my time in college.

Bosco Cheung
Hong Kong


Меня зовут Наталья, я из России. В этом году две моих дочери поступили в Клифтон колледж. До этого они учились в Швейцарии. Поскольку в Англии все иностранные ученики до 18 лет обязаны иметь опекунов, нам пришлось подыскать достойную кандидатуру. Как правило, с русскими работают их бывшие соотечественники, организовавшие подобные опекунские фирмы. Для многих это является большим плюсом, так как в этом случае не существует языкового барьера в общении с родителями. Минусом же является завышенная стоимость их услуг. Мы же решили попробовать подыскать британского опекуна, так как немного владеем английским и не хотим переплачивать не понятно за что. Нам очень повезло, что мы выбрали Закию – опытного и знающего человека. Буквально с первого дня нашего заочного знакомства, ещё до заключения контракта, Закия нас начала консультировать. Она подробно рассказала о режиме школы, подыскала семью, недалёко от школы, где дети могли провести короткие каникулы, отвечала на все интересующие нас вопросы, связывалась с колледжем и активно участвовала в подготовке в отправке детей. Надо сказать, что она всегда на связи и готова помочь с любым вопросом. Родителям порой бывает трудно разобраться в тонкостях учебного процесса, а также организации жизни на бординге, но мы во всем этом можем смело положиться на Закию, она все выяснит, с кем надо свяжется и все организует. Она всегда очень внимательно следит и держит нас в курсе, если дети заболевают, связывается с медицинским центром и узнает все детали. Мы знаем, что можем положится на этого человека пока наши дети учатся в Британии.

My name is Natalia, I am from Russia. This year my two daughters went to Clifton College. Before that, they studied in Switzerland. Since in England all foreign students under 18 must have guardians, we had to find a decent candidacy. As a rule, their former compatriots who had organized such guardianship companies are working with Russians. For many, this is a big plus, as there is no language barrier when communicating with parents. The disadvantage is that the services are overpriced. We decided to try find a British guardian, because we speak some English and do not want to overpay. We are very lucky that we chose Zakiyah – an experienced and responsible person. Literally from the first day of our correspondence, before the sealing of the contract, Zakiyah has already began to cooperate with us. She spoke in detail about the school’s regime, found a family not far from school where children could spend exeats, answered all our questions, contacted college and actively participated in the preparation of sending children to their new school. I must say that she is always in touch and ready to help and answer any question. Sometimes it can get hard for parents to figure out the intricacies of the educational process, as well as the organization of life in boarding, but in all this we can safely rely on Zakiyah. She always keeps us informed if children get sick, communicates with the medical centre and learns all the details. We know that we can rely on this person while our children study in Britain.

Natalia Soldatova
Moscow, Russia


當我首次送女兒去英國學習時,實在非常擔心。我很高興有人向我推薦了Trusted Guardianship 英國教育監護公司。負責人Zakiyah非常友善、負責任,也很開放。假期為女兒安排的寄宿家庭,女兒十分喜歡。很友好的家庭。還會幫助購買日常用品/電話卡,女兒生日她也細心安排週到,平時她主動通知我們女兒在學校發生了問題,並與學校導師跟進處理,每逢學校家長日她都會准時出席,是位很稱職的監護人,讓我放心了不少。非常感謝Zakiyah 為我們提供的幫助,以及在留學旅途上的一切!


When I first sent my daughter to study in the UK, I was really worried. I am very happy that someone recommended Trusted Guardianship to me. The person in charge Zakiyah is very friendly, responsible and open. The host family arranged for the daughter during the holiday, the daughter likes it very much. Very friendly family. It will also help to buy daily necessities/phone cards. She also carefully arranged for her daughter’s birthday. She usually informs us that her daughter has a problem at school and follow up with the school mentor. She will attend on time every school parent’s day. A very competent guardian made me feel relieved. Thank you very much for the help provided by Zakiyah and everything on the journey abroad!

Athena Poon
Hong Kong


I was so impressed by the level of commitment, degree of thoroughness and care provided by “Trusted Guardianship” to my son during the years of his study in Bishop’s Stortford College.

Elisa Tso
Hong Kong


Thank you so much for helping out for the last 2 years! Both you and Carla have been very nice and helpful and I really appreciate it 🙂. Thanks for always catching up with me with nice texts!

Sonya Mo
Hong Kong












I still remember clearly the day we first met. Zakiyah asked me lots of questions about my career and future, and about my country, and I had a hard time responding them. It was not because my inability of English, but mainly because cultural aspect; We Japanese tend to listen to the others rather than speak up. And in many cases, we lose the moments of joining conversation and keep quiet the whole time. Zakiyah had a variety of tactics of encouraging me to talk. As she had plentiful experience of learning other languages and living in other countries, she knew what to do and how to do to maximize the opportunity of my studying in UK. I am an interpreter/translator. I chose the job which builds bridge between Japan and other countries because she opened my eyes to go beyond the cultural barrier and showed me how fun to meet people with different backgrounds. I am also teaching at a university in Japan, because I want to show what Zakiyah gave me to young people.

Nachi Okada
Matsuyama, Japan



I still remembered the first day I met Zakiyah as I was entirely impressed by her linguistic skills. During these two years, it seems like we have become friends instead of just student-guardian relationship. Whenever I was frustrated, she must be the one that I choose to consult with. Her rich experience, consideration and faithfulness will always reduce my homesickness. It is too common that guardians will help you to settle down in a new environment at the beginning of your study period because that’s their responsibility. However, Zakiyah did more than that. She showed me around Cambridge to explore my experience and took me to attend some special events to broaden my knowledge about this city and its unique culture throughout terms. I felt so lucky that I met Zakiyah two years ago, although she is not my guardian any more, she will always be the one that I would like to keep in touch with.

Jia Wang
Shanghai, China


Программа Trusted Guardianship предоставила мне очень надежного и поддерживающего меня человека.  Хотя я никогда не оставалась у нее дома и видела ее всего пару раз за эти годы, я знала, что она всегда была на расстоянии телефонного звонка.  Я доверяла своему опекуну все свои проблемы, так как с ней так легко разговаривать, и она никогда не осудит.  Я всегда чувствовала, что она искренне заботится о моих интересах и поможет мне в любом аспекте жизни в Великобритании. Она значительно облегчила мое привыкание к местной жизни и мой школьный опыт!

The Trusted Guardianship program has provided me with a very reliable and supportive person. Although I never stayed at her home and only saw her a couple of times over the years, I knew she was always a phone call away. I trusted my guardian with all my problems, since it is so easy to talk to her and she will never judge. I have always felt that she genuinely cares about my best interests and will help me in every aspect of life in the UK. It made my local life and school experience much easier!

Anastasia Soldatova
Moscow, Russia




My thoughts on Ms. Zakiyah as a guardian! Ms. Zakiyah is a very kind and enthusiastic lady. She has been actively communicating with the school and good at communicating with my parents during the whole process of being my guardian! She is a very caring and responsible guardian! During the holidays in the UK, accommodation and air tickets will be handled for students two weeks in advance! She will try to choose better travel for students and pay attention to the safety of students! She is a lady who is dedicated to her children, and a person worthy of respect! It doesn’t matter if the parents don’t speak English, because Ms. Zakiyah has WeChat, and both parties can communicate in WeChat’s own translation software! In short, I am very satisfied with Ms. Zakiyah’s attitude! I am also very happy to cooperate with Ms. Zakiyah this year!

Zekai Lin
Shenzhen, China


J’avais 17 ans quand j’ai eu le privilège de rencontrer Zakiyah. Sa vivacité d’esprit, sa connaissance des langues et en particulier sa maîtrise du français m’ont aussitôt impressionnée. Puis, partageant nos impressions et nos expériences, son intelligence et son sens de l’humour ont confirmé mon sentiment que je rencontrais quelqu’un d’exceptionnel. Zakiyah m’a invitée plusieurs fois à Cambridge et a fait découvrir à la petite Suisse provinciale que j’étais le monde fascinant de cette université de renom. J’ai vécu grâce à elle des moments uniques. Enthousiaste et passionnée, elle désirait partager toutes les facettes (enseignement, socialisation, tradition, culture) de la célèbre institution avec un goût du détail et de la précision. Je ne sais pas si j’étais à la hauteur d’un tel privilège. Ce monde était si différent du mien. L’adolescence et ses souffrances ne m’avaient pas épargnée et la bienveillance de Zakiyah comptait bien plus que tout le reste. Je garde ces années et ces souvenirs précieusement dans mon coeur.

I was 17 when I had the privilege of meeting Zakiyah. Her wit, her knowledge of languages ​​and especially her mastery of the French immediately impressed me. Then, sharing our impressions and experiences, intelligence and sense of humour have confirmed my feeling that I met someone special. Zakiyah took me several times to Cambridge and introduced the little Swiss provincial girl that I was, to the fascinating world of this renowned university. I experienced unique moments. Enthusiastic and passionate, she wanted to share all facets (teaching, socializing, tradition and culture) of the famous institution with an eye for detail and accuracy. I do not know if I was at the height of such a privilege. This world was so different from mine. Adolescence and suffering had not spared me and kindness of Zakiyah counted more than everything else. I keep those years and memories treasured in my heart.

Natalie Bart
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland


Закия – прекрасный гардиан. Она улаживала все проблемы и отвечала на важные вопросы любого характера, практически моментально при этом оставаясь пунктуальной и вежливой в любой ситуации к обеим сторонам. Я всегда мог положиться на неё, потому что был уверен в её надёжности.

Zakiyah is a wonderful guardian. She settled all problems and answered important questions of any nature, almost instantly while remaining punctual and polite in any situation to both parties. I could always rely on her because I was confident in her reliability.

Ilya Rumyantsev
Moscow, Russia



Thank you for your prompt and courteous responses. Thanks to you, I was able to have a fun and fulfilling study abroad life.

Yumeka Nakagawa


Als ich Zakiyah zum ersten Mal traf, war ich sofort von ihrem sprachlichen Geschick und der Leichtigkeit, in der sie sich zwischen unterschiedlichen Kulturen bewegte. Ihr Deutsch war beinahe besser als mein eigenes (ich spreche Österreichisch), ihr Französisch war einwandfrei, Ihr Italienisch und Spanisch fließend.  Ich erkannte bald, dass ihre Sprachbegabung von einer feinen Mischung aus Musikalität und der Fähigkeit herrührte, über ihren Bezugsrahmen hinauszudenken und -fühlen. Gleichzeitig hat sie ihre britische Identität nie verloren, einschließlich dem trockenen Humor, ihrem Gleichmut und der Kraft, mit der sie den Herausforderungen des Lebens begegnet. Da Zakiyah in unterschiedlichen Ländern studiert hat, weiß sie, was es für junge Menschen bedeutet, im Ausland zu leben – oft weit entfernt von Familie und Freunden. Sie ist gut darauf vorbereitet, einem Gast die Vielschichtigkeit der britischen Gesellschaft zu erklären und ihm/ihr zu zeigen, wie man sich in ihr mit Leichtigkeit und Anmut bewegt, während gleichzeitig Ergebnisse rasch und effizient erzielt werden. Als Mutter von drei Söhnen weiß sie, wie unterschiedlich die Bedürfnisse von Kindern sein können. Ich würde nicht zögern, ihr mein eigenes Kind anzuvertrauen, wenn es in  England leben würde.

When I first met Zakiyah, I was immediately taken by her linguistic ability and the ease in which she could move between various cultures. Her German was almost better than my own (Austrian) lingo, her French impeccable, her Italian and Spanish fluent.  I soon realized that her skills to study foreign languages was a subtle mix of musicality and the ability to think and feel beyond her own frame of mind. At the same time she has never lost her Britishness, including her dry sense of humour, her equanimity and the vigour in which she faces life’s challenges. Since Zakiyah has studied in various countries, she knows what it what it means for young people to live abroad – often far away from family and friends. She is well disposed to explain the complexities of British society to a guest and to show him/her how to move about it with ease and grace while achieving results quickly and efficiently. As a mother of three sons she knows how varied the needs of children can be. I would not hesitate to entrust my own child in her if it lived in England.

Klaus Famira
Vienna, Austria


En 2012 me quedé en casa de los Razvi y con ellos disfruté de una experiencia extraordinaria. En todo momento me sentí integrado en la familia con la cual tenía y sigo teniendo una muy buena relación. Viven en un barrio muy tranquilo y acogedor, y en la casa tienen disponible un dormitorio para acoger.

In 2012 I stayed with the Razvi family and I enjoyed a wonderful experience. I always felt part of the family with whom I had and still have a great relationship. They live in a lovely neighbourhood and at home they have a bedroom available to host.

Pablo Muñoz
Seville, Spain