UK Guardian for International Students at Boarding School

We offer an outstanding guardianship service at exceptional value.

Boarding schools require the parents of overseas pupils to appoint a UK guardian who will be a 24 hour point of contact for student, parents and school.

A guardian takes responsibility for any situations outside the remit of the school. These may include logistical arrangements such as host families and transport, in addition to emergencies such as accidents or illness.

Trusted Guardianship offers a personalised guardianship service, providing full support to both parent and child.

We understand the concerns of parents sending a child to boarding school in the UK. We can support you with practical issues such as booking accommodation and transport, and endeavour to meet you if you are accompanying your child to school or visiting the school.

As educational guardian, we act as an intermediary between parents and school. We can provide additional explanations or guidance to parents who are not familiar with the British system or with the English language.

As a first contact for the school, we represent parents whenever appropriate. We consult with House staff over pastoral issues or with academic staff over educational issues, and will attend as soon as possible if requested to do so for any reason.

Our aim is to give parents complete peace of mind, knowing that their child will be fully supported while at boarding school and while with their host family.

We do our best to make sure that your child is happy and feels secure in our care. We are proud that 100% of the parents of Trusted Guardianship students say they would recommend us as guardians.

Zakiyah is a very friendly, caring and responsible person. Always near, in any moment will give you great advice and will help in action. She solves questions so quickly that you think they never existed in the first place. I am absolutely sure that my son and I are very lucky to have met her.

Natalia Rumyantsev
Parent of guardianship student

Why choose Trusted Guardianship?

What makes us different from other guardianship companies?

  • You will be welcome to message your child’s guardian directly whenever you like. We are available on the following apps: Line, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp.
  • We have direct personal experience of being a boarder in a boarding school, staying with host families, and being parents of children studying overseas.
  • If you are travelling to the UK, we will be pleased to meet you in person if possible and arrange for you to meet your child’s host family.
  • If children are travelling alone to the UK, we will try to arrange for them to meet their host family before the first exeat weekend, so that they know what to expect when they stay for the first time.
  • All our students have their own room in their host family’s home and do not have to share with another student unless by prior agreement.

Professional, organised and always eager to help, Trusted Guardianship have been associated with Bishop’s Stortford College for many years now. The quality of the service they offer has always been outstanding and they have the care of the pupils for whom they are responsible at the heart of all they do. Regular attendance at parents’ evenings is just one example of the care that they provide over and beyond as they clearly strive to nurture and encourage their pupils. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Jeremy Gladwin
Bishop’s Stortford College

Your child’s UK guardian

Zakiyah Razvi MA (Cantab), Dip Trans (Chartered Institute of Linguists)

I was a pupil at two boarding schools, namely Dover College and Roedean School, before moving on to Cambridge University to study Modern Languages.

Additionally I pursued further studies at other educational institutions including the Goethe Institute (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany), the British Institute (Florence, Italy), University of Vienna (Austria), National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), Rutgers University (USA), and School of Oriental and African Studies (UK).

As a former boarder myself, I am well-placed to advise students on any issue related to boarding school. During my language studies, I stayed with many host families in various countries. These experiences help me make the best matches of students with host families. I am also the parent of children who studied overseas, therefore I understand how parents feel, and always do my best to support parents.

Zakiyah is an excellent guardian. She cares about the students under her guardianship and does her very best to support them. She is very kind.
She communicates with me exceptionally well and is happy to take calls to talk through issues. She also responds to emails quickly.
She understands and is sensitive to the needs of International Students.
She understands teenage children and takes her role in ‘parenting them’ seriously.

Justine Christie
Head of Boarding House, Ipswich School

Trusted Guardianship has been certified by the BSA (Boarding Schools’ Association), the largest association of boarding schools in the world, which represents more than 600 independent and state boarding schools, as having ‘the highest standards in the safeguarding of children, safer recruitment and training of staff and host families, and careful liaison with parents and schools’.

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Certified Guardian
Certified Guardian