UK Guardian for International Students at Boarding School

Boarding schools require the parents of overseas pupils to appoint a UK guardian who will be a 24 hour point of contact for student, parents and school.

A guardian takes responsibility for any situations outside the remit of the school. These may include logistical arrangements such as host families and transport, in addition to emergencies such as accidents or illness.

Trusted Guardianship offers a personalised guardianship service, providing full support to both parent and child.

We understand the concerns of parents sending a child to boarding school in the UK. We will support you with practical issues such as booking accommodation and transport, and endeavour to meet you if you are accompanying your child to school or visiting the school.

As educational guardian, we act as an intermediary between parents and school. We can provide additional explanations or guidance to parents who are not familiar with the British system or with the English language.

As a first contact for the school, we represent parents whenever appropriate. We consult with House staff over pastoral issues or with academic staff over educational issues, and will attend as soon as possible if requested to do so for any reason.

Our aim is to give parents complete peace of mind, knowing that their child will be fully supported while at boarding school and while with their host family.

We work hard to make sure that your child is happy and feels secure in our care. We are proud that 100% of the parents of current students say they would recommend us as guardians.

We understand that a British education is a substantial investment for parents, and we do our best to keep additional expenses to a minimum. Host family stays and transport are invoiced to parents at cost, and we always arrange shared transport whenever possible.

For families who do not need full guardianship, we offer Basic Guardianship. This satisfies the statutory requirement for a UK guardian who is the 24 hour point of contact for school, pupil and parents in an emergency.


Trusted Guardianship 能為我的兒子在Bishop’s Stortford College 留學期間提供優良, 且有效率的服務。在安排寄宿家庭上非常用心。會顧及到雙方的興趣, 居所與學校的距離。令我的兒子在寄宿家庭也有家的感受。多謝Trusted Guardianship。


I was so impressed by the level of commitment, degree of thoroughness and care provided by “Trusted Guardianship” to my son during the years of his study in Bishop’s Stortford College.

With kind regards,
Parent of guardianship student

Your Child’s UK Guardian:

Zakiyah Razvi MA (Cambridge University), Dip Trans (Chartered Institute of Linguists)
Qualified translator, Governor of Roedean School, Brighton

I was a pupil at two boarding schools, namely Dover College and Roedean School, before moving on to Cambridge University to study Modern Languages.

Additionally I pursued further studies at other educational institutions including the Goethe Institute (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany), the British Institute (Florence, Italy), University of Vienna (Austria), National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), Rutgers University (USA), and School of Oriental and African Studies (UK).

As a former boarder myself, who has personal experience of staying with host families, I am well-placed to advise students on any issue related to boarding school. I am also the parent of two children who studied overseas, therefore I understand how parents feel, and always do my best to support the parents of guardianship students.


我覺得好幸運能遇到Zakiyah成為我兒子在英國的監護人,Zakiyah 有愛心而且很盡責,每次學校假期Trusted Guardianship也能為我兒子找到合適的住宿,令我很放心。還有,我兒子在學校的情況,Zakiyah 女士也會第一時間通知我。所以,Trusted Guardianship是值得家長們信賴。


I am so lucky to have Zakiyah as my son’s guardian in the UK. Zakiyah is caring and responsible. During every school holiday, Trusted Guardianship helps to find some suitable accommodation for my son, and that really puts me at ease. Also Zakiyah always informs me timely on how my son is doing at school. Trusted Guardianship is trust-worthy for all the parents.

Parent of guardianship student


Contact us for help and advice if you are considering sending your child to boarding school in the UK.


自從小兒在2016年十二月決定往英國留學後,我們便開始要為他找尋一所可靠的監護人公司而傷透腦筋 。正如當初為他找尋寄宿學校一樣,我和先生花了很多時間上網找尋資料、到香港的學校展覽和監護人公司親身面談、和朋友交流、把不同公司的資訊及收費作比較等,因為我們知道一間合適及服務優良的公司對小兒及我們十分重要。最後我們選取了 Trusted Guardianship,不單是因為這間公司的收費清晰合理,更重要的是從第一天聯絡 Zakiyah 起她已經帶給我們信心。面對我們的詢間 Zakiyah總是盡力地第一時間給我們回覆,在找尋寄宿家庭時她能完全滿足我們的要求,結果小兒十分喜歡他的寄宿家庭。此外 Zakiyah會主動地提供任何種類的協助,其中最令我印象深刻的是她在小兒開學前幫助他聯絡上同校的其他香港學生,這細心的安排無疑令小兒能在短時間適應了英國的留學生活,因此我們一定十分感激Trusted Guardianship和Zakiyah。


After my son Harry made up his mind to further his study in the United Kingdom in December 2016, one of the difficult tasks we had to tackle was to look for a reliable and trustworthy guardian company and host family for him. Just as what we experienced in finding the boarding schools, we spent quite a lot of time on searching information online, getting in touch with those companies during School Expo in Hong Kong, asking for advice from friends, making comparisons between different aspects of different companies etc. as we know clearly how important it is for a good guardian company to provide support necessary to us. At the end we were blessed to make the right decision to choose Trusted Guardianship. It is not only because the fee charged by the company is reasonable when compared with others, but more importantly, it is Zakiyah who can give us confidence from the beginning when I got contact with her. She is always so helpful, thoughtful and patient to deal with my enquiry and offer her assistance to us when we are in need. In addition, she tried her best to meet our requests made concerning the selection of the host family and finally found one that my son liked very much. The part that impressed me most was that Zakiyah took an initiative to facilitate communication between Harry and other students from Hong Kong before the start of school term and this arrangement did help Harry a great deal in adapting to the school life in the United Kingdom. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to Trusted Guardianship and Zakiyah for helping my son to settle well in UK!

Parent of guardianship student


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