Boarding school pupils who are not returning to their own families for mid-term breaks may need host families to look after them while the school is closed.

Welcoming and caring host families are the key to relaxing exeats and half-term holidays. We have a wide network of host families including English families, Asian families, families with children at home, and families whose children have grown up. We always endeavour to match each child with the most appropriate family. Parents are welcome to express a preference for the type of family they think would best suit their child, and we will try to accommodate these preferences if possible.

Host families provide a separate bedroom for each student (unless pupils are sharing by prior agreement), all meals and wifi internet access. They help with laundry and any other day-to-day issues which may arise.

We ask our host families to look after your child as a member of the family, and we ask your child to behave as a member of the family, which includes respecting household rules.

Homestay can be an extremely rewarding experience for both student and family members, and often leads to lifelong friendships.

When I first arrived at my host family’s home I was relatively nervous because it’s a new environment for me but they did not pressure me nor made me feel uncomfortable. They are very friendly and make me feel that I am welcomed very soon after I arrived. Besides as I have special dietary needs I couldn’t have certain food but they happily catered a great variety of food that I could eat. My host family also kindly helped me when I asked if my friend could stay with me when my friend had trouble finding places to stay. Overall I am very grateful and happy that I could have my host family as they have given me the feeling of being loved.

Guardianship student

We choose our host families very carefully. Adults in the house are police-checked (Enhanced DBS) and we also take up references for each family.

We became a host family in 2016. and so far 3 children have stayed with my family. Now I have a 15 year old child from Hong Kong who regularly comes and stays with us. My family has got along well with all the children. They particularly like our food. These children go abroad at such a young age, so I always try to prepare delicious food to make them feel as though they are back home. I am also very pleased to know Zakiyah and work with her. She is very kind and thoughtful. I am very happy to continue working with Zakiyah and provide help for more children.

Host mother

The parents of our guardianship students understand the importance of the role our host families play in providing home comfort and security during the periods when their child is not at boarding school, and are invariably very appreciative.

親愛的Ms Zakiyah,
多謝你過往在學期休假其間為Chester的一切安排,當中包括寄宿家庭,交通及任可向你查詢的事項,你都能盡速回應及安排,令我們無需擔心。而寄宿家庭亦提供舒適溫暖的住宿,其間亦提供地道的膳食。希望你能代表我們向Alison 及 Amanda 道謝。

致此 敬意
Mon Chow

Dear Zakiyah,
Thank you for all your arrangements for Chester in the school half-term break, including host family, transportation. And any matter that when we made the inquiry that you could respond promptly and make arrangements so that we do not have to worry about it.
Host families also provided comfortable and warm accommodation, while also offering authentic meals. Hope you can thank Alison and Amanda on our behalf.

Here again, thank you for your dedicated services.
Best wishes
Mon Chow




Dear Zakiyah,
Thank you for introducing us to such a good host family. They not only provided James with comfortable accommodation and delicious meals, but also arranged a wealth of activities to make James have a pleasant five-day boarding time.
Wang Ying Lu